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Title of Event

Innoschool Day

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Event organizer

„FĂCLIA" Public Association for Children and Youth

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Event Date and Time

15.10.2021, 13:15 - 14:00

Address at which the event will be held

Decebal street, no. 38, Ungheni city, Republic of Moldova

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Expected results of the event

The central element of the event will be the presentation of the InnoSchool Learning System – an innovative learning system specially designed to emphasize the need to raise awareness of social needs and strengthen students’ entrepreneurial skills.

Social entrepreneurship is recognized for its ability to address pressing social challenges, primarily targeting social impact rather than profit. It is defined as a process of identifying and implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to solve important social problems, but neglected by society, being oriented towards social innovation to identify new more efficient solutions.

Education can serve as a bridge between the needs of society and the potential of social entrepreneurship by preparing the next generation of social entrepreneurs and innovators.
Recognizing the need for a better connection between education and social entrepreneurship, the InnoSchool Project proposes a new systematic approach to help strengthen the spirit of social entrepreneurship among students. It combines traditional classroom learning methods with digital elements and online simulation, thus helping to train the next generation of entrepreneurs and social innovators.

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Angela Ciocirlan


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