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НПО „Silent Generation”

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Дата и время проведения мероприятия

15.10.2021, 16:30 - 18:00

Адрес, по которому будет проводится мероприятие

Г. Бельцы, ул. Стефана Великого 75/1

Страна проведения мероприятия

Язык/языки проведения мероприятия

Ожидаемые результаты мероприятия

Human rights promoting is one of the priorities of the organization and the team. The activity will be attended by 20 young people from Balti, who during 2.5 hours in 2 activities will become familiar with the notion of human rights. Thus we intend to carry out the activities «Take a step forward» and «Rights fighters» going through their own states, being in certain social roles for a certain period in the activity «Take a step forward» young people will understand that we are all the same , we have equal rights and we must respect all equally, then in the activity «Fighters for rights» young people will meet models, personalities who fought for their rights and the rights of their peers and that they have enough role models and have from whom he learned to fight for rights and to promote them.

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Игорь Курка



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